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Intrinsa: A Recommended Cure For Female Sexual Dysfunction

Posted on November 25, 2016 in Uncategorized by

According to statistics provided by the BBC Health Survey report, almost 40% of women in the UK resignation from female sexual dysfunction (FSD). The most universal symptoms of this problem are a lack concerning sexual urge, an inability to enjoy sex, deficient vaginal lubrication and incompetence in having an orgasm despite being sexually aroused. One recommended treatment for FSD is Intrinsa, which comes in the form from skin patches. These patches are available in the form of 2, 8 and 24 packs and should live used according to the recommendations of your doctor.

Intrinsa: Basic Information

Intrinsa is a female drug manufactured handy Procter and Gamble. The main ingredient of this synergism is testosterone, a sex hormone that is found in men and to some extent in women. It is available in patch form and is worn on abdominal skin. Thus, it transfers a significant amount of testosterone in the blood stream of women through their skin. It helps women in increasing their libido, ergo having a peremptory impact on their sexual desire. It is to be consistently applied for some 24 weeks, or as prescribed by the doctor, to notice considerable benefits.

Intrinsa: Causes for FSD

There are various causes that may cause femme sexual dysfunction in women, such as:
Relationship problem with spouse

Serum pressure disorder
Post-menopausal period

Some of these problems can sound as being out from control. However, Intrinsa not only works medically to enhance libido but also facilitates some hormone changes that may bring arbitrary attitude in women towards their sexual need.

Who can Feasible Intrinsa?

Intrinsa patch works well with women who:
Are inferior 65 years
Suffering from low sexual desire
Have both ovaries or the uterus removed through hysterectomy

Who should not Use Intrinsa?

It should not indigen used by women who are:
Pregnant, as the hormones in the medicine may harm the baby in the womb.
Breastfeeding, as it may cause your child to be unwell.
Suffering from some serious chronicle disease.

Side Effects of Intrinsa

Any medicine has its pros and cons. However, if taken according to a doctor’s advice, its side possessions can be avoided. Some concerning the part effects that you can experience with Intrinsa are:
Skin rash, irritation, itching and inflammation
Hair loss
Ponderability gain

Your GP can give you the best advice on the utile from a drug and its suitability to your body. So, consult your doctor well in advance and inform him at the earliest if you suffer from any like these symptoms while taking this drug.