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Various Causes of Impotence Erectile Dysfunction

Posted on August 22, 2016 in Uncategorized by

Impotence erectile dysfunction is a medical condition whereby a man loses his sexual capability. There is usually a marked inability to achieve and console an erection during intercourse. Functionally, this is attributed to lack of response by the nervous system. In regard to organ failure, this condition may be brought some by anatomical defects in the male sexual organ. Generally, these are the direct factors that lead to the dysfunction. However, there are some other factors that may cause this condition.

* Medication: Drugs used as antihistamines, ulcer drugs and high blood pressure drugs, sedatives, besides antidepressants such as lithium may lead to erectile dysfunction.
* Alcohol and drug abuse.
* Central nervous system diseases such as a stroke, syphilis, multiple sclerosis and spinal injuries.
* Surgeries on male genitals, prostate or the back.
* Exposure to toxic chemicals over a long time.
* Other chronic diseases like diabetes mellitus and conditions affecting the sexual glands.

Functional causes of impotence erectile dysfunction embed the nervous system issues and psychological problems. Psychological conditions like anxiety can be brought about by a stressful relationship between eroticism partners. Achieving and sustaining an erection becomes impossible when you have anxiety. This depressive state in males hawthorn probably be due to low blood sugar. This is however different from diabetes where blood circulation to the penis is affected by high blood sugar. One needs to stabilize his blood sugar in order to avoid being a victim of this condition.

Impotence erectile dysfunction affects about 30 percent of the male population. A majority concerning these victims are above 45 years of age. However, males over 70 years are the most affected. Younger males are also not very safe from acquiring this condition. This is because their erection may not only be essentially firm as required, but also not long unending initial to the inability to perform connection for a long period of time. Stripling men may also be exposed to some predisposing factors at different stages in adulthood that may lead to gradual growth regarding the condition.

It is recommended that anyone who has the condition visit urologist for examination, especially beside the portion of males along this condition increasing considerably.

Treatment for sterility erectile dysfunction after evaluation includes
* Surgery commonly referred to as inflated or non-inflated penile prosthesis.
* Counseling of the male accompanied by his sexual partner to relieve psychological problems.
* Medication: One of the medications is given as self-administered injections that function to increase circulation to the penis. Drugs like Levitra and Viagra have also shown beneficial results in curbing this problem. Medication may notwithstanding not work well with those affected by temperamental causes.

Another line to treatment of this condition is the use of a “Vacuum Therapy Pump.” This device has proved to treffen very operational in achieving an erection. It has been employed successfully by over 1 million men suffering from this condition. In the past, it was only obtainable for a doctor’s prescription, but nowadays, it can be acquired without. When used about 4-5 times a day, it can improve natural erection by opening the penile arteries and restoring their elasticity. This in turn aids normal flow of blood to the penis, so resulting in better rigidity.

Men usually feel very discountenanced to talk about their penile problems with more people. This is perhaps the main reason why impotence erectile dysfunction is on the rise. They should however bear in mind that drawing out the condition worsens the state which calls for a more complicated treatment option that is not only painful, but also takes a while to complete. It is ergo important for united to seek treatment whenever unite suspects they are a victim of this disease.