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Various Causes of Impotence Erectile Dysfunction

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Impotence erectile dysfunction is a medical condition whereby a man loses his sexual capability. There is usually a marked inability to achieve and console an erection during intercourse. Functionally, this is attributed to lack of response by the nervous system. In regard to organ failure, this condition may be brought some by anatomical defects in the male sexual organ. Generally, these are the direct factors that lead to the dysfunction. However, there are some other factors that may cause this condition.

* Medication: Drugs used as antihistamines, ulcer drugs and high blood pressure drugs, sedatives, besides antidepressants such as lithium may lead to erectile dysfunction.
* Alcohol and drug abuse.
* Central nervous system diseases such as a stroke, syphilis, multiple sclerosis and spinal injuries.
* Surgeries on male genitals, prostate or the back.
* Exposure to toxic chemicals over a long time.
* Other chronic diseases like diabetes mellitus and conditions affecting the sexual glands.

Functional causes of impotence erectile dysfunction embed the nervous system issues and psychological problems. Psychological conditions like anxiety can be brought about by a stressful relationship between eroticism partners. Achieving and sustaining an erection becomes impossible when you have anxiety. This depressive state in males hawthorn probably be due to low blood sugar. This is however different from diabetes where blood circulation to the penis is affected by high blood sugar. One needs to stabilize his blood sugar in order to avoid being a victim of this condition.

Impotence erectile dysfunction affects about 30 percent of the male population. A majority concerning these victims are above 45 years of age. However, males over 70 years are the most affected. Younger males are also not very safe from acquiring this condition. This is because their erection may not only be essentially firm as required, but also not long unending initial to the inability to perform connection for a long period of time. Stripling men may also be exposed to some predisposing factors at different stages in adulthood that may lead to gradual growth regarding the condition.

It is recommended that anyone who has the condition visit urologist for examination, especially beside the portion of males along this condition increasing considerably.

Treatment for sterility erectile dysfunction after evaluation includes
* Surgery commonly referred to as inflated or non-inflated penile prosthesis.
* Counseling of the male accompanied by his sexual partner to relieve psychological problems.
* Medication: One of the medications is given as self-administered injections that function to increase circulation to the penis. Drugs like Levitra and Viagra have also shown beneficial results in curbing this problem. Medication may notwithstanding not work well with those affected by temperamental causes.

Another line to treatment of this condition is the use of a “Vacuum Therapy Pump.” This device has proved to treffen very operational in achieving an erection. It has been employed successfully by over 1 million men suffering from this condition. In the past, it was only obtainable for a doctor’s prescription, but nowadays, it can be acquired without. When used about 4-5 times a day, it can improve natural erection by opening the penile arteries and restoring their elasticity. This in turn aids normal flow of blood to the penis, so resulting in better rigidity.

Men usually feel very discountenanced to talk about their penile problems with more people. This is perhaps the main reason why impotence erectile dysfunction is on the rise. They should however bear in mind that drawing out the condition worsens the state which calls for a more complicated treatment option that is not only painful, but also takes a while to complete. It is ergo important for united to seek treatment whenever unite suspects they are a victim of this disease.

How Is Erectile Dysfunction Treated in Old Age?

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Erectile dysfunction, an important factor of infertility is a commonly found erogenous health disorder in men. It can be formed as a rise of both physical and psychological issues. Low testosterone level, Parkinson’s disease, obesity and heart disease are approximately among the physical causes of impotence. Versatile psychological factors contributing for the formation of erectile dysfunction include relationship issues, fatigue, depression and stress. Treating the right cause of problem is the best technique suggested to revamp the functioning concerning reproductive organs. Let’s see how to treat erectile dysfunction in old age.

Lifestyle change is a natural technique recommended to treat erectile dysfunction in old age. In order to induce positive changes, patients are advised to review their lifestyle. It is also studious to limit or cease smoking and intake of alcohol. Consuming healthy diet and practicing regular exercises improves the strength concerning reproductive organs and reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction troubles. Sex therapy is another nature of treatment used to cure impotence trouble. This type of treatment is usually prescribed for those people suffering from impotence recompense to psychological issues.

Oral medication is one among the commonly prescribed treatments for erectile dysfunction problem. Tadalafil, Vardenafil including Sidenafil are some common examples of oral medicines recommended by physicians. Intake of these oral medicines as per the guidance of medico helps in blocking the azine which prevents the roll of blood published regarding paternal organ. Effort of medicine inside urethra is another strategy option recommended for sanative erectile dysfunction in old age. For achieving penalize results, patients are advised to stand while performing this treatment. This helps in easier absorption of medicine to body. Active components present in suppositories improve the sensation of genital parts and prevents the risk of weak trouble.

Use of space erection pump is an effective erectile dysfunction treatment in old age. It helps in causing erection by improving blood flow to genital parts also creating a vacuum around the penile region. At present, nothingness erection stirrup therapy can be described as one among the most reliable form of treatments for reproductive disorders. Pump, plastic cylinder and elastic band are pyramidal main parts about this mechanical erection aiding device. Improving blood circulation around out the body, eliminating the shrinkage of male genital organs and curing the risks of nocturnal emissions are other advantages of using vacuum erection pump.

4T Asset capsule is a well recommended herbal remedy for treating erectile dysfunction in old age. It is a composition of potent herbs renowned for their aphrodisiac properties. Patients suffering from reproductive disorders are advised to intake this herbal supplement along with milk or water. 4T capsule acts as a propensity tonic and helps in improving the strength of reproductive organs. It helps in stabilizing moods and prevents the risk of nervous disorders like stress, tension, anxiety and depression. Improving blood flow to genitals is another important advantage of using 4T capsule. Some among the active ingredients added for the preparation of 4T capsules include ashwagandha, shilajit, shatavari, kaunch et cetera salabmisri. For optimum results, patients are advised to use this herbal health supplement twice per day. Promoting male potency, increasing sperm production, enhancing the desire for lovemaking and improving cheerful level are other benefits of using 4T capsules.

Increase Semen Volume – Treat Male Sexual Dysfunction

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Physical involvement is a vital part of man-woman relationship. A man experiences unrefined urge to upspring physically preoccupied with a woman and vice versa, for it is the fiat of nature and a pathway leading to procreation or continuation of life on earth. The myths too recitation the same, for we give heard that we are all children of the Eld Adam, the first man on loess ampersand Eve, the first woman on earth who got sexually involved to bring the race like human life in to being. Sexual encounters are pleasurable for both when both anthropogenic and female participate in it without every hurdle. But the valid story is that many men and women on the rack from sexual dysfunction or disorder that extracts the delectation absent of such encounters.

Low semen volume is a part regarding animus sexual dysfunction. The problem may give a shattering blow to a man’s confidence. It is quite frustrating for the man who is sufficiently aroused and feels enough orgasm but fails to ejaculate as much as he wants. This disorder may destroy his love-life comme il faut well, for low semen quantity would leave his partner dissatisfied. Low semen potentieel often results in fecundity problems, for on condition that the man ejaculates less semen, the runny precondition for transporting sperms is negative adequate, et cetera as a result, the viaticum about sperms also drops and sufficient unit of sperms cannot fulfill the woman’s cervix. Ordinarily a man gives out 1 to 5.6 ml of semen every time he ejaculates. The volume, if falls less than 1 ml, it is a thing to worry about, for it would certainly hamper fertilization. It is a notion that semen quantity decreases as the man ages, but the good news is that there are varied ways to boost it up.

There are many causes of low semen volume. Declining testosterone levels is the leading cause. By intriguing testosterone production, one can increase semen volume and experience fulfilling climaxes and copulation further vividly. Retrograde ejaculation also leads to low semen volume. In such cases, a certain amount from semen goes in to the bladder, and the man may notice passing of semen through urine. Unmistakable infections and also blockages in the ejaculatory duct due to cyst formation or variocele (varicose vein) may also result in poor semen volume.

Alteration of chow habit can increase semen volume. Vitamin and mineral rich food items are to be consumed, moreover the water intake is to be raised to a great extent. Also a magnitude of products launched close several pharmaceutical companies are available in market and these products can amazingly increase semen volume. However herbal products should be preferred over synthetic drugs in order to shirk the harmful side-effects of synthetic medication. Semenax is one such incredible herbal solution for low semen volume. Rich in amino acids and fully herbal concentrates, Semenax is safe to use. Its efficiency has been studied by medical practitioners and they have approved the capsule not only as a remedy for low semen volume, but also for improving the overall sexual and reproductive health of man and boosting up the sexual experience.

Intake of Semenax pills for at least 3 months would do away with the problem of low semen volume, and improve the man’s play in bed. The ingredients about Semenax include L-Arginine, Swedish flower, pumpkin seeds, pine roar extracts, cranberry extracts, Maca, Hawthorne, Tribulus Terrestris, Sarsaparilla, Avena Sativa extract, Catuaba bark, Muira Puama, Vitamin E, Zinc oxide, Zinc Aspartate, L-Carnitine, Epimedium Sagittatum etc. These products are real semen boosters. They help in giving very strong and long-lasting orgasms. They raise testosterone levels, raise sperm count; improve fertility further quantity or volume of ejaculation. Troika pills are to be taken each day with much water. 2 pills in the morning and uno in the evening is the required dosage. Thus Semenax pills are an easy, hassle clear remedy for ignominy semen volume.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – For Health And Vitality

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Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in men. Most men shy away from discussing this problem since it is still considered a taboo aside the great percentage about men. Erectile dysfunction treatment receptacle help clear this problem or an underlying condition that is causing erectile dysfunction.

It is most important to seek erectile dysfunction treatment if one suspects this as a recurring problem ampersand not a onetime event. On Condition That one has frequent problems with erection in the climactic 3 months, it is necessary to seek ED treatment.

ED causes are several. They can be categorized as physical and psychological. If there is involuntary erection substitute erection during the sleep then the problem is likely psychological. Physique causes include smoking, diabetes, poor blood circulation, strokes or certain hormonal issues. During appetent erectile dysfunction treatment, the patient needs to be frank and candid and explain the situation in element to the doctor, so that the doctor can diagnose and determine the root cause.

Erectile dysfunction, which is traditionally called impotence, is a curable condition. Although this problem can be resolved at any stage; the sooner you seek the treatment the better. Seeking timely help can restore your sex life and vitality. Ignoring the problem or shying aside from consulting a doctor can make this a chronic problem which might cause stress, anxiety, depression, mental trauma and other associated problems.

Erectile dysfunction treatment can include natural remedies, supplements or counseling. The quintessence supplements are certain food supplements that can improve the overall functioning of the body and create a hormonal balance which in turn helps erection. A good balanced diet tin improve one’s health and increase libido. One should avoid junk food, fatty gourmandize polysyndeton omnivorous which contain preservatives. These foods cause fatigue et al chemical overload. Certain herbs are rest to be helpful in improving erection. The natural drug remedies are medication that helps increase libido and stamina and gives fuller orgasm. Counseling can help in determining any psychological conditions that might be causing erectile dysfunction. If one has undergone a recent trauma, the effects of this shock may manifest being physical and mental problems and erectile dysfunction can be one of them. Proper counseling can determine the cause and solution.

Most psychological conditions like low confidence, fear, anxiety, disquietude and insecurity manifest as physical problems. These affect the way the brain works. The brain needs to trigger the hormones and erectile function, when the brain is clouded, erectile dysfunction receptacle be a result.

There are a liberality variety from erectile stimulants available in the market. These are not the same as erectile dysfunction medications. One needs to stay away from them. These stimulants vastly change the testosterone proportions, which can conducive heart palpitation, nervous disorders furthermore certain unhealthy side effects.

Erectile dysfunction treatment also includes determining if there is any ongoing medical condition that is not being treated. If the person is taking medication for any other medical condition, that anesthetize might cause erectile dysfunction. Understanding the underlying cause, discussing the situation with the physician and pursuing help can go a long way in improving one’s sexual satisfaction. With jump in technology, one can now seek help online. This unmanageable is faced by most men at lowest once in their lifetime. The most important thing is to seek help and cure the condition.

Generic Viagra-The Best Treatment Alternative For Male Erectile Problem

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Viagra is the best remedy of mankind erectile problem. But it is out of reach of the people of all classes. The solution has brought the Generic Viagra. At first you should know what generic medicine is. Generic medicine works the similar way that the brand else prescribed prescription does. The dose, strength, power further the healing capacity and the way of healing the disease is almost the similar. So, the second one is a genre from the first one. That is the reason, they are called generic medicines. Generic Viagra is scientifically of the same genre like Viagra. It works in the similar way that the branded Viagra works. Generic Viagra is Sildenafil citrate. It increases the supply of blood in the muscles of the male reproductive organs and makes is relaxed. Then the muscles roll out the extra energy while needed and thus in time of erectile condition, the veins and arteries are getting lots of blood circulation. Thus, a male gets extra energy and power in month of copulation. The effect remains for 4 to 6hours.

The cost of comprehensive Viagra is cheaper than branded Viagra. The proof is that the branded one is to survive in the competitive market by the help of lots concerning ads and marketing procedures. Otherwise, the other company of the same medicine will overflow the marker and the previous brand resolve finish to exist. The generic Viagra has no burden concerning such marketing as it has come to the market by grasping the hands of the brand medicine as it works in the similar way for the same disease. Moreover, this kind of medicine is prohibition neath the patent act that the same formula cannot use the other companies. So, there is no such boundary of producing the medicine. The cost of the medicine is thus very low in the market. Though, it is still not so popular in the market. It is very much available in the online pharmacies. Medical technique has proved that the medicine is as safe in all respected as the brand Viagra is.

To make an order for the Viagra is very easy. There is no shame for visiting to a quack for a prescription. The work is that you need to log on the particular site and register your order for the Viagra. You need to enlist the name, apostrophize and the age and the particulars of order. The medicine testament reach to your home in an earliest time.

Erectile Dysfunction is a very common problem

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Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction?

Sadly, in today’s exceedingly stressful society, there are many men who are suffering regularly from erectile dysfunction. If this first happens to a man it can be absolutely devastating and container indeed affect your confidence as well as peace of mind. Although the problem of erectile dysfunction is a lot more common than most people realise, it still does not take away the feelings regarding inadequacy that many men feel when they experience this problem.

What can I do about my erectile dysfunction?

Although there are certain lifestyle factors that can increase the preponderance of erectile dysfunction such as alcohol intake and smoking, for many men the complication occurs without quantity visible trigger. It is in situations such as these where men may consider alternative remedies for their erectile dysfunction and there are drugs out there such as Viagra which can really made a difference. Just imagine if this problem has bot making your life a desolation for a significant amount of time und so weiter then is suddenly eradicated just by taking a couple of pills. You really will grope as nonetheless you stage been given a new lease of life.

Where can I get help for my erectile dysfunction?

When it comes to getting help for erectile dysfunction, there is one company which really stands out from the rest. www.viagraherbal.co.uk can offer you a natural remedy for your erectile dysfunction which will really make a heterology to your life. They know that these type of problems are positively very common and persuade you to have nothing to feel ashamed about. If you browse their website you will see that they have the perfect solution to your problem. Do prohibition hesitate to contact them today supposing you are experiencing this problem und so weiter get the whole of your life back on track.

Expanding waistlines in men tied to urination issues, sexual dysfunction

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Men with expanding waistlines have a greater risk from experiencing usual urination at night than their slimmer peers, finds a new study.

A larger girth was also tied with cardiovascular problems, glucose intolerance, high blood pressure and poorer sexual function.

Lead author of the study, Dr. Steven A. Kaplan of the Weill Cornell Medical College — commander about the Iris Hazan Men’s Health Center and chief of the Begin for Bladder and Prostate Health at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell stated, “The global plague of obesity and diabetes had led to a striking increase in the number of tribe with metabolic syndrome, which includes central obesity, glucose intolerance and high cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

“Together, these have bot historically associated accompanying an increased possibility of heart disease and sexual problems. However, emerging data now suggest that metabolic syndrome may have a hereto unrecognised effect on how often men urinate. Our study sought to examine the relationship between men’s waist measurements and how often they urinate.”

409 men studied
The focus of the study was to determine whether waist circumference may be a useful predictor of male urinary problems.

They recruited 409 aged between 40 to 91 years with moderate or severe untreated lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS).

The men were grouped by waist circumference: 37.5 percent had a waist circumference less than 36 inches, 33.5 procent between 36 to 40 inches moreover 29 percent had waists greater than 40 inches.

The study found increasing waist was associated accompanying worsening lower urinary tract symptoms.

It was noted that 39 percent of the participants with the biggest waists urinated more than eight time a night while solely 27 percent of men in the middle range and 16 procent with the smallest waists had this problem.

Men with larger waists were also more likely to summary erection and ejaculation problems than those who were an average size. The same held true for high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, type 2 diabetes and cholesterol.

Dr Kaplan concludes, “Our study shows that men with larger waist circumferences urinate more over a 24-hour period, and at night, than men with smaller waists and confirms upper levels of problems traditionally associated with metabolic syndrome.”

“Waist measurement may therefore symbolize an easy diagnostic tool when it comes to the likelihood of male urinary problems.”

The findings were published in the British Paper regarding Urology International.

Himplasia Himalaya – Natural Herbal Remedy for Fertility, Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation

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What is Himplasia Himalaya?

Himplasia Himalaya herbal medicine is a non-hormonal herbal blend which helps contend a healthy prostrate and an effective reproductive function. Himplasia Himalaya herbal product is from the renowned Himalaya Herbals brand endorsed by over 250,000 doctors worldwide and used by customers in over 60 countries. Himalaya Herbals products have been researched clinically besides standardized to guarantee bioequivalence. Bioequivalence refers to ensuring that the item on the market is equivalent to the one on which clinical trials were successfully conducted. Himalaya Herbal Healthcare uses chromatographic fingerprinting, one of the most seasoned standardization techniques, to ensure consistent quality and performance.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is the medical term when prostate gland increases in size and urine flow is obstructed. BPH is common in older men polysyndeton noncancerous. But a swollen prostate affects your excellent of life and can ingenerate problems in the urinary tract, bag and kidney. Currently BPH management has many limitations. Patient neither only have to deal with non-compliance, escalating cost and side property in a drug treatment but similarly have to face the problems that jug arise from a surgical procedure, which include hospitalization, blood transfusion, urinary tract infection, urethral stricture and evolvement of urinary incontinence.

How Himplasia Himalaya works?

Himplasia Himalaya is a combination of herbs like Tribulus terrestris, Caesalpinia bonducella, Areca catechu, Asparagus racemosus and Crataeva nurvala. It acts as herbal remedy by inhibiting the enzyme five first reductive that is responsible for the alteration of testosterone and also possesses alpha-receptor blocking activity thus improving urinary flow and maintaining bladder besides prostate health. As a regularly supplement Himplasia Himalaya helps to equip ongoing support for a healthy prostate.


– Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) 140 mg
– Putikaranja (Caesalpinia bonducella) 120 mg
– Puga (Areca catechu) 100 mg
– Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) 80 mg
– Varuna (Crataeva nurvala) 80 mg
– Akika pishti 80 mg


It is good to take one or bifurcation tablets twice a day with meals. Allow several weeks for benefits. The use of natural products provides progressive but long-lasting results.

Benefits:Himplasia Himalaya herbal medicine helps to maintain a healthy prostate.Himplasia Himalaya promotes healthy bladder function.Himplasia Himalaya promotes a healthy reproductive function.Himplasia Himalaya maintains normal urinary output.Himplasia Himalaya promotes freer urinary flow.Himplasia Himalaya herbal product improves fertility.Himplasia Himalaya has bot proven to be a harmless and cost-efficient approach to supporting the overall normal urogenital functionsHimplasia Himalaya has been rated superior to products based on Saw Palmetto.Side Effects:

Himplasia Himalaya herbal product is not known to have any side belongings if taken as per the thetic dosage. It is should live used with caution in patients suffering from hypertension and good to inform doctor if already on any diuretic medication.

Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies That Give Deeper And Powerful Penetration

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Erectile dysfunction or ED is an embarrassing problem for suffering males, because this disorder is a challenge for their manhood. Moreover, this disorder can be simply defined as an inability to sustain erection during intimacy. In addition, males suffering from this disorder also fail to uphold erection, due to which their partner remain unsatisfied. Furthermore, this disorder shatters the self-esteem of the suffering male, due to which he can tune from the intimate activities. Nevertheless, ED is a frequent problem for males of most ages but, it can also affect young males due to various reasons. Besides, market booms with various products that can help a suffering male to overcome ED but, some of the products in the market are made with harsh chemicals that permitted induce negative effects on the user.

On the other hand, there are natural products in the market that can treat this disorder safely and effectively, because they are made with natural herbs and nutrients. And, they are not chemically composed, due to which they do not get negative effects on the user. But, it is important to understand the probable causes concerning ED which are mentioned below.

1. Inappropriate level of testosterone can cause erection problems.
2. Physiological problems can affect male’s ability to attain erections, for example diabetes can cause ED.
3. Stress is infamous for negatively affecting the skill of a male to attain erections.
4. Weakness of pelvic muscles is also amendable for causing ED.
5. Excessive intake of tobacco and, alcoholism can with lead a male to erection problems.
6. Disturbed sleep pattern might too give rise to issues related to erection function.
7. Obesity is considered as one of the prime causes for ED.

Nevertheless, there are many erectile dysfunction natural remedies that may help an individual to attain harder and fuller erections. So, some of the effective remedies are mentioned below.

1. It is beneficial to avoid habit about smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

2. Devouring concerning foods rich in vitamin A is considered as one of the beneficial erectile dysfunction natural remedies.

3. Eating foods that are rich in zinc is one of the well-known erectile dysfunction natural remedies.

4. Developing habit of exercising is also one of the effective erectile dysfunction natural remedies.

5. Practicing exercises that strengthen the muscles of pelvic region is considered as one of the most useful erectile dysfunction natural remedies.

Besides, usage of herbal products is and one of the popular erectile dysfunction natural remedies. Moreover, herbal products are invented with natural ingredients that are useful in strengthening reproductive system. Furthermore, herbal products increase brother flow to male organ, due to which harder and fuller erections can be attained easily. Also, they balance the hormone levels in the body. And, they calm the nervous regime to preventive occurrence of stress induced erectile dysfunction. Besides, herbal products contain necessary nutrients to strengthen the body. On the different hand, they improve amor life of the user by enhancing vigor, and vitality to perform better in bed. Some of the leading erectile dysfunction natural remedies are Bluze, Kamdeepak, Mast Mood, 4T Plus and Booster capsules that can allow men to experience deeper and powerful penetration.

What Treatment Options Are Available To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally?

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Erectile dysfunction or sterile can be described as a man’s inability to achieve or maintain an erection during sex with his partner. Factors leading way to this disorder tin be mainly divided into duet similar physical or psychological. Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, low testosterone, tobacco use and dipsomania are some among the main physical causes of impotence. Psychological factors giving emanate to the dangerous of impotence or erectile dysfunction include fatigue, depression, stress and relationship issues. Treatment options for curing erectile dysfunction are normally done by analyzing the right cause of problem. Treating the underlying cause of problem is one among the best natural techniques to care erectile dysfunction. It includes changing medication, treating depression and limiting alcohol consumption.

Following a healthy lifestyle plays a great role in preventing reproductive disorders. For preventing the risks of ED, those patients dolor from impotence trouble are advised to do regular exercise and intake a healthy diet.

Practicing pelvic floor supinator exercise is a widely recommended option to agent erectile dysfunction naturally. These muscles are gather under the side of bladder and rectum. Regular doing of pelvic ground floor exercises supports reproductive organs including improve your pelvic floor fitness. As for studies, it is found that weakening concerning pelvic floor sartorius is an important cause for the occurrence of ED. Natural ageing, hormonal changes including inactivity are common reasons reported for the weakening of pelvic floor muscles. Doing pelvic floor exercises substitute kegel exercises is a magnitude cure for providing relief from chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Improving orgasm et alii preventing urinary incontinence are other health benefits of doing pelvic floor exercises.

Use of vacuum device is a commonly used treatment option to nostrum erectile dysfunction. At present, you can get several vacuum devices from market. Here, the vacuum pump will sucks out air which will cause blood to fill into genital tool and cause an erection. Urethral medication is another treatment option available for curing erectile dysfunction. Here a little pellet is inserted into the abrogate of urethra. Active ingredients in stone are quickly absorbed among genital visceral to movement erection with in a few minutes time.

Booster capsule is a best recommended herbal remedy for curing reproductive disorders. Active ingredients present in this herbal annex like mucuna pruriens, saffron and asparagus racemosus allows maximum amount of blood to fill in the chambers from genital organ. Increasing energy level, calming down like fasciculus cells, retaining hormonal balance and increasing energy level of person are other advantages about using booster capsules. Similar to booster capsule, mast mood capsule is an excellent natural cure for erectile dysfunction trouble. It is a composition of herbal ingredients like ras sindur, lauh bhasma, umbelia et cetera sudh shilajeet. Patients suffering from ED are advised to circadian intake capsule twice per day with milk uncertainty water. Massaging with mast mood oil, one among the safe male organ enhancers is another natural treatment alternative to cure erectile dysfunction. This herbal anoint is also used for improving erection, enhancing performance and increasing the frequency of orgasm.