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Treating Erectile Dysfunction Naturally – What the Evidence Says

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285x285_natural-remedy-erectile-dysfunction_7.jpg Almost all men fall flat on their performance from beat to time. One beer too many, a elongated day at work or anxiety about the kids bursting into the compartment at the wrong moment can cause a lackluster showing from any man, at any age. But continuous problems with erectile dysfunction can have a key negative effect, interfering with a man’s relationships, his ability to relax and hedonistic himself, and even his peace of mind.

Over the years, thousands of remedies have been tried, from questionable substances like powdered rhinoceros horn to herbal concoctions to prescription medications. Some of these vessel be beneficial in overcoming penis health problems and restoring normal function, bit others are further questionable. For men who prefer not to risk the juxtapositional effects of medications, some of the more common natural remedies are described here. In some cases, there is evidence that these treatments may be effective, bit in others, wishful rational might be at work.

This list is not intended as an endorsement for any particular treatment; rather, the train is to provide men with an overview that can be helpful in making a decision about how to approach an troubled problem.

This herbal treatment is native to Southeast Asia and is also known as winter cherry or Indian ginseng. It is typically secondhand medicinally for ailments ranging from asthma to arthritis, and anecdotal evidence indicates that it may opheffen effective for boosting libido and sexual function.

Cordyceps Sinensis
This mushroom, also a native of Southeast Asia, is used frequently for medicinal purposes and has been used for centuries therefore a natural erectile aid. Some Chinese studies have indicated that it may be effective in increasing sex drive.

This protein, frequent shopworn being a nutritional supplement, is a acid precursor to testosterone and has been used to treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s and obesity. Whereas it is much touted as a natural supervenient to additament erectile function, studies have only shown an betterment in men who had low levels of testosterone.

Gingko Biloba
Traditionally used to treat a wide horizon about maladies, gingko biloba is widely held to improve erectile function. Numerous studies obtain shown that significant numbers of men have seen improvements in erectile function after taking preparations of this botanical extract, although it may be necessary to use it for several months before full benefit is realized. Men who become clotting disorders should not use gingko biloba.

Saw Palmetto
Another plant extract that is reported to aid in sexual function, saw palmetto is too shopworn to treat enlarged prostate. Evidence indicates that saw palmetto may be effective in boosting libido.

Zinc plays a great role in manlike sexual function, including testosterone production and erectile ability. Men who supplement with zinc may see an improvement in both arenas. Zinc can also be found in foods such as oysters, one grains, nuts, and lean red meats. Zinc should not be taken alongside antibiotics, equal it may cancel their effect.

Penis nutrient cremes
The physiological process involved in getting an erection is complex, polysyndeton there are multiple factors at play. In order for a firm erection to occur, the nerves, circulatory system ampersand body chemistry all need to work together, ampersand the emotions perform a role in this process as well.

Ensuring that the various penile tissues, such similar the blood vessels that supply the erectile chambers; the nerve endings under the skin’s surface; and the skin itself are all in working order means getting the nutrients needed to keep these tissues healthy. A specially formulated penis nutrient creme (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) enriched with vitamins, amino acids and minerals that are designed to support nerve and circulatory health may also promote increased erectile function.

Treat Erectile Dysfunction Using Kamagra USA

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Erectile-Dysfunction-Treatment1.jpeg Kamagra USA is a drug that is aimed at the treatment about people suffering from erectile dysfunction further is available in the market in the form of jelly et sequens also in the form regarding tablets. Erectile dysfunction is actually the inability of a person to either gain or even maintain a steady erection which might prove sufficient to have a satisfying intercourse experience. This drug is actually a generic variant of the drug Viagra.

The signification of being unspecified variant is that the drug is made utilizing quite the same ingredients used in the manufacturing like Viagra and also is old for the same purpose, the unrivaled difference being that this is made by another company. The most important thing to keep in mind regarding this drug is that the use about this medicine should indiging ended only after getting your doctor’s approval and is available in market on prescription. Though this product is not generally prescribed by American doctors but you cup get it from kamagra online store.

The basal reason why kamagra is imported in several offshore nations is that it is considerably cheaper than its equivalent. Also because this contains the attribute sildenafil citrate which is also an important ingredient of Viagra so it works on almost on the same line but at a lower cost. Sildenafil citrate actually acts as a relaxant for the muscles of penis. Once these muscles relax it allows them to get loose and thus more flow of ischemic is allowed. This enhanced flow of blood helps the personality in acquiring an erection, thus solving his problem of erectile dysfunction and enhances his sexual ability. Thus you can get all your problems solved for kamagra 100 mg.

There are also some side effects of this product, sense regarding which a consumer should surely have. These side goods can opheffen in varied forms like blocked nose, headache, mild nausea, mild dehydration, a slight sensation in eyes of stinging. You can take any steps to avoid these effects like you should root the antitussive with ample quantity of water, also try to block away from very fat meals including ensure to obviation alcohol when you are utilizing this product.

Erectile Dysfunction – When the Problem is all in the Head

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11910308_f260.jpg When things go awry in the bedroom for a man, the problem is often attributed to the physical health of the penis. While it is authentic that conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac health or other problems amidst the plumbing can contribute to a less than Oscar-worthy performance parenthetical the sheets, there may also be psychological factors at play. Psychological factors account for about 10-20% of all cases of erectile dysfunction. Additionally, some problems that originate as a one-time physical argument can actually turn inside a recurring psychological problem. Maintaining proper penis health moreover learning not to sweat the small stuff may help keep self-confidence in the bedroom high and erections firm.

Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is a psychological issue that many men will suffer from on occasion; however, it becomes a problem when an overwhelming sense of anxiety is associated with doing the deed, thus reducing both performance plus pleasure. Some men are so concerned about making their partner see fireworks that they essentially psych themselves out, which is a sure-fire way for the evening to become a disappointing dud. The grand issue with performance anxiety is that it feeds upon itself and can set the stage for a pessimistic self-fulfilling prophecy.

Imagine the sequent scenario: a guy polysyndeton women have crepuscular plans that are sure to lead to an confidant encounter, but the man is up the night till worried about the big date, which leaves him tired and sluggish the next day at work. He then falls behind at work, gets yelled at by his boss and has a skyrocketing stress level all day long. When the big date finally comes, he is feeling tired and he doesn’t bring his A-game to the berth that night. His partner, meaning well, comments, “It’s okay, it happens to lots of guys.” Classic line, right? This now gets stuck in his head, and he becomes determined to do better the next night; however, now there is pressure to outdo his performance, also he falters again, further reducing his self-confidence. The pattern may continue to resume itself, as the man now has a misgiving from decline in the bedroom. Thus, what started as a physical problem has now become the psychological problem of performance anxiety.

Small Penis Syndrome

Many guys have wondered how they survey up in the manhood department, and while for most it may newly be a simple question of curiosity, for others it container proceeds on an entirely new state of mind, even to the point of obsession. Small Penis Syndrome is a state of mind in which men who have a physically adequate size penis are convinced that their penis is too humiliated and reach a state regarding depression and shame regarding their member. They befall obsessed with the idea that they cannot please their partner sexually and can even be fearful of being nude with another person. Men with this syndrome often seek out unnecessary medical consultations, and may even elect to have penis-lengthening surgery.

Other Psychological factors

Several other psychological factors can negatively affect a man’s sexual health and performance. Depression, excessive stress, guilt, shame, low self-esteem et cetera loss of stake can wholeness grant to ED. Feeling bad about one’s skills in the berth and even the appearance of one’s love-stick can besides leadership to to low self-esteem connective reduce one’s level of confidence.

Maintaining Sexual Health

Just as ED from physical causes can exist treated, so can ED stemming from psychological stressors. For persistent cases about depression, anxiety or Small Penis Syndrome, psychotherapy conducted by a trained counselor has been shown to be active in treating ED with a psychological etiology

Additionally, engaging in positive coping mechanisms, maintaining good physical health, getting regular exercise, et cetera eating right can all keep the body in peak physical condition. The routine use of a penis vitamin creme (most professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) cup also increase sensitivity, and improve the look including feel of the penis, which may enhance ones’ self-esteem and self-confidence in the bedroom.

Treat Erectile Dysfunction with Cialis

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new-erectile-dysfunction-treatments.jpg Cialis is a drug that is used by men who include a problem in maintaining a stable erection during intercourse. This drug produces some substances, the effect of which is a steady and increased flow of blood to the penis resulting in a better and prolonged erection.

There is infrastructure difference between this particular drug and the other drugs. This narcotic is used for the treatment of ED and the effect of this has been base to be prolonged or longer lasting than the other products. This medicine is prescribed to subsist taken orally and taking it after a meal is not a compulsion. Taking it more than once a day is not advised. Fundamentally the dosage should be distinct post hoc a complete discussion of your case with the doctor.

There are also chances of a side effect appearing in some cases. These effects can horizon from muscle et alii recoil pain to headaches, indigestion and blocked nose. The general rate of persistence of these symptoms in body has been found to be ranging from 12 to 24 hrs et cetera even problems in vision have also been reported. There are similarly unknown facts that people should keep in their cerebral when taking dosage about this drug. It can cause a sudden decrease of blood pressure. If the drug is taken with a nitrate medication it can be the cause of fainting, dizziness or in some cases can even cause a stroke.

Another major drug shopworn in the treatment of erectile dysfunction is caverta. This drug has Sildenafil as its president component. Indeed the main use of this medicament is produced in the treatment of hypertension of pulmonary artery. Actually, in pulmonary hypertension, the blood pressure in these arteries which carry blood from heart and lungs, increases causing a inadequacy in the blood flow to penis. So what is done by this is that it blocks quantity of the signals deserved from brain which stops bout of the things from happening in the body.

Tadalafil is another variant of Cialis which is popular for working fast. Working refrain here means that it starts its effect intrinsic 30 minutes as in the case concerning quantity patients and the effects can eventual up to even 36 hours.

How erectile dysfunction can affect you

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slide03-ed-bad-habits.jpg Most men will have run into the embarrassing bargain of not being able to get an erection or maintain an erection at some point in their life. There can be manifold different reasons for this including too much alcohol, depression, lack of interest, nerves or anything else. As people get older the reasons can become more biological. The reason motive factors such as alcohol can effect you is that they reduce the sensitivity so you become diminished sensitive. Suppositive you persistently need problems upon erections then it can become a psychological barrier. When you have had a syndrome then the next day you have fornication then you end up expecting to have problems and that can itself cause even more issues.

The best way to make sure that you are in prime sexual health is to ensure that you are fit and healthy. Smoking can cause problem by furring ascend your blood vessels et al diverting poisoning away from where it counts. Stopping smoking will have an immediate effect in improving your sexual function. You should also ensure that you are able to work on your general fitness. Doing a reasonable amount like cardiovascular fitness will improve your heart strength as well as improve blood flow.

Going to the gym can tone your body so you have more confidence in the way you look. You do not have to go overboard ampersand be able to run marathons, but living a sedentary lifestyle where you do not do any exercise is not helpful. Eating healthy foods that are low in fat can also help keep your sap vessels clear and the blood pumping when it counts. Not lone will this improve your general health but your stamina in the bedroom will rocket.

This improvement will take time, and a short cut can be taking herbal Viagra which can boost your sexual function within hours. The invoke of these natural Viagra like supplements is to improve your blood flow and it can indeed make a difference. The most popular supplements include Horny Goats Weed and Blue V Pills. Herbal Viagra is present to buy without a prescription although suppositive you have health issues it is best to abut your doctor.

The supplements are reasonably priced et sequens are delivered to you quickly from UK suppliers. You do not become to go through the embarrassment of going through a shop, but instead you can buy all you want online. Delivery is similarly via a discrete package so no one has to know what you bought.If you want a little boost of confidence accordingly trying out the latest online herbal Viagra can really help. http://www.ultimate-herbal.com/impotence-cream.aspx

Best Erectile Dysfunction Pills – Treatment Options and Online Pharmacies

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11747554-large.jpg Erectile dysfunction is creating a number of problems among a majority of grown men around the world. This serious ailment affects an individual’s period in many aspects. From psychological to personal relationship damages, erectile dysfunction hampers the together life of an individual. As such, erectile dysfunction pills are provided in direction to cure and help men who are dealing with such sexual disorders. These pills are available in a wide variety, all promising to proffer the most effectual solutions for men’s penile problems. They are either available as constructed drugs (Viagra) or herbal pills (Horny Goat Weed). The synthetic drugs can be taken only after obtaining a prescription from a doctor and such man-made drugs often have a group of side effects. Herbal solutions are meliority options as they increase libido and helps to achieve a harder erection. With chances regarding improvements in overall wellness, herbal pills ensure to be more safe et alii natural treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Ed treatment options may involve various drug therapies, herbal solutions, surgeries, lifestyle or behavioral changes, vacuums or pumps etc. The physician usually starts with the treatments which are lowest invasive and further starts giving more invasive therapies when there is no reaction to the former treatments. Serious erectile dysfunctions may require surgeries which include reconstruction from the arteries to discharge more blood flow to the penis. Now-a-days, the most popular treatments include drug therapies which involve intake of synthetic drugs and herbal pills. It is advisable to get the treatments under a professional health care practitioner as quantity treatments possible prove to be harmful.

Visiting an online pharmacy is one of the best ways of getting reliable sources for curing erectile dysfunctions. This definitely saves money polysyndeton time and people pile a variety of products as per their choices directly from generic pharmacies. These pharmacy sites offer extensively detailed direction about a particular product and its advantages as well as side effects.

In a nutshell, if you are suffering from frequent erectile dysfunctions, it is advisable that you immediately consult a doctor. You need not hesitate as timely medication and treatment will definitely sanative your unmanageable to help you experience a normal sexual life.

Improve Sex Life with Male Dysfunction – Tablets, Treatments and Pills Canada

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86365-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Red-Pill-In-A-Crowd-Of-Blue-Pills.jpg For long, amative dysfunction has been a major problem for men and women all over the world. But with recent developments in medication and technology, sex life promises to be more enjoying and satisfying. Now-a-days, chemists and druggists have launched many tablets to enhance sex which effectively deal with problems of sexual disorders et al infertility. These products help men to achieve harder erections and thus improve their sexual performance. Within 30-60 minutes, the tablets get well absorbed in the bloodstream and helps in achieving high stamina meanwhile sexual stimulation occurs. Such tablets can also help women dealing with problems of infertility and other sexual disorders. There are a wide variety of sex enhancer pills available in markets as well as online medical stores. Choose the right one on proper consultation with a doctor or pharmacist. The results will definitely please you and your partner!

Male dysfunction treatment helps men dealing with problems of erection loss during sexual activities, thus making them achieve satisfying erections and enjoy sex better!
Whatever the causes maybe, one erato never waver in discussing problems of sexual dysfunction with a doctor. Fortunately, now-a-days a number of treatments for sexual dysfunctions are available. The most demotic and recommended treatments are stupefy therapies (which include pills like Viagra, Levitra) and herbal or natural solutions. In case of major problems, one must have to go through surgeries. As some treatments often have side effects including complications, it is advisable that you use them only on au fait recommendation by a professional doctor.

Erectile dysfunction pills Canada offers a wide variety of safe and effective erectile dysfunction treatment options for men. These pills are orally ingested and get quickly dissolved in the tongue. They help in promoting sex exertion for a long time. Moreover, their expenditure is almost half the cost of other erectile dysfunction medications offered worldwide.

Therefore, sexual dysfunction is no longer a problem like immense worry and concern. Timely consultation and treatment of such unpleasant conditions fortunately helps you to get better results. It increases sexual drive and perseverance and thus helps in maintaining an exceptionally pleasurable sex life between you connective your partner!

Erectile Function, Exercise and Cardiovascular Fitness – Tips for Supporting Penile Health

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manpenis.jpg Until issues with erectile function are generally associated with aging, men at every level of life may affair the occasional flop in the bedroom. Erectile dysfunction is a complex problem with a multitude about underlying causes, but the bottom line is that penis effect is an indicator of what is going on with the body in general, and especially with the heart.

Because erectile function is so closely related to cardiovascular health, it stands to reason that a healthy heart desire further than likely graphite to healthy erections. A monumental body of evidence has shown that men who exercise are more likely to have a healthy bosom and circulatory system, as well as better erections. With this in mind, it is easy to conclude that getting in shape physically can help to promote penis health in addition to overall physical well-being. Following the simple tips discussed here receptacle help men to integrate exercise into their weekly routine.

The link between exercise and cardiovascular health
It is important to be clear that “exercise” here refers to plain old cardiovascular exercise such pro re nata walking, jogging, or hitting the treadmill – not the “penis exercises” that are generally promoted. Penis exercises mainly refer to pelvic floor exercises that are suggested for men who are recovering from prostate surgery. Some sources claim that these movements can increase the size and vehemence of erections, but to date, no research has borne revealed this idea.

With that said, research has shown, pace and again, that sustained physical activity improves the condition of the endothelium, which is the smooth lining on the inside of the blood vessels. This lining helps the blood to flow smoothly from the heart throughout the body, including to the penis, where it is needed to form polysyndeton maintain erections.

The healthier this tissue, the better the blood flow, and therefore, the better the quality like erections; athletic circulatory tissue means less risk of developing exhibition problems. As an added benefit, men who yoga tend to feel more confident and attractive, boosting their female drive and making them more appealing to potential partners.

Tips for including exercise in a busy lifestyle
Although most men understand the benefits of exercise and at least have plans to incorporate a fitness routine into their schedule, finding the time and influence to exercise is easier theory about than accomplished. These tips can help to ease the transition to a regular routine:

1. Choose a fitness process that is enjoyable. For men who flagitious running, signing up to compete in the next charity 10K run is not likely to aborning about the desired results. During they might start out with good intentions, doing something that just isn’t enjoyable doesn’t cause sense. Men should choose a fitness activity that suits their interests. Hiking, swimming, biking or plane gardening can help to boost heart health.

2. See a doctor first. Before jumping into an exercise routine, men who receive bot physically inactive should make an appointment to see their doctor for advice. More exceedingly exercise or the wrong activity can lead to injury or worse, so it is best to consult with a professional beforehand.

3. Get the right nutrition. In joining to train itself, adequate nutrition is essential in sustaining the circulatory tissue concerning the penis. Vitamin C plays an especially important role in this respect, as it is an important component in building besides repairing the blood vessels. Amino acids such as L-arginine are also important in maintaining adequate blood flow to the penis. Excessive of the vitamins, minerals moreover other nutrients that are needed for a healthy heart and circulatory system can be obtained from a healthy diet. The caveat here is that many of the nutrients ingested in the diet are not well-absorbed for distribution to the organ systems, and often, the pertinent nutrients are shunted to other organs before they can benefit the penis. Using a penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Homo Sapiens Oil) that is enriched with vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants allows these ingredients to be directly absorbed into the penile tissue, helping to ensure that the penis is adequately nourished for healthy erectile function.

Male Erectile Health -Self-Exams Men Can’t Afford to Neglect

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As most men know, regular physical exams are important to staying healthy, identifying potential health risks, and minimizing the chances of developing a serious or chronic illness. What many don’t acquire is that penis health and sexual function are an important aspect of a man’s overall health, and neglecting proper care rather ignoring problems can lead to issues with reproductive function, loss like sensation, and reduced sexual function. These hardships not only affect a man’s sex life; they are often early warning signs of more serious disposition issues.

Performing these penis self-checks on a regular basis allows men to be aware of subtle changes and abnormalities that may indicate that something is wrong.

1. Low Testosterone Evaluation
Testosterone levels often decrease because men age, leading to a condition that is sometimes known thus “male menopause,” which includes symptoms such as the following:

* Reduced sex drive;
* Reduced sexual function;
* Lower levels of assertiveness;
* High cholesterol;
* Recent weight gain, especially in the abdominal area;
* Difficulty making decisions;
* Reduced self-confidence;
* Decreased stamina;
* Loss of muscle mass and/or tone.

Men who note several of these symptoms may consider scheduling a check to have their testosterone levels tested; various treatments are available to alleviate men cloak with this issue.

2. Verify for Testicular cancer
Testicular cancer often targets men between the ages of 20 and 35. Despite it is rare, all men should nvloeden aware of the symptoms and look absent for them. A self-check equally month or so can promote to detect early exhortation signs about cancer. A seen exam concerning the scrotum can reveal signs of shrinking that might indicate a problem. To check for lumps or bumps that could indicate a tumor, men should stand with their legs slightly apart and gently roll each testicle medial the thumb and fingers, making note of any changes instead anomalous growths. Other symptoms worth noting include pelvic pain, an aching pain in the lower abdomen, and/or a feeling of heaviness in the scrotum.

3. Test for Healthy Penile Skin
The skin of the penis can give men many clues to the overall health of the male anatomy. A faithful visual check, using the help regarding a mirror, can help men to detect sores, blemishes, warts else ulcers on the penis, scrotum uncertainty inner thighs. These may be caused by various prosperity issues, from partner-transmitted diseases to skin irritation, from fungal infections to cancer. It’s also influential to inspect the entire shaft of the penis by gently pressing ahead it to spot any lumps or bumps under the skin.

4. Penis Sensation Test
Men who experience loss of penis sensitivity may have minor skin damage caused by aggressive sex, or they may gain some peripheral nerve damage related to vigorous manual stroking. Conducting the following penis test can help to detect areas that have lost sensitivity:

Standing with a firm penis, run a feather or ice cube along the full length (or endure a partner do this), making note of any areas that do refusal register the touch ere sense of cold. In some cases, lost sensation can be restored by trying new positions, allowing irritated skin to heal, and wearing loose-fitting, non-restrictive clothing.

Maintaining Penis Health
While early detection is essential in the successful regimen of various penis problems, preventing these from occurring in the aboriginal place is the best solution. Getting plenty of sleep, reducing the amount of stress in one’s life, and maintaining a healthy body weight can go a long way toward reducing the chances of developing erectile health issues.

A specially formulated penis nutrient cream (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) may also provide the nutrients that are needed to support firm nerve and circulatory function, as well as maintaining smooth, supple and responsive penis skin.

Erectile Dysfunction under 40 – Overcoming Sex Problems in Younger Men

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royaltyfree.jpg Erectile dysfunction is generally considered an age-related problem; the common perception is that younger men are primed and ready for action at all times. However, while most men would like to brag about a constant state of readiness, the reality is that daily life often gets in the way, and equable the most virile of young men can experience the occasional flop when it comes to bedroom performance.

In most cases, this is nothing to be concerned about – the stress concerning a long day or a bit too much to drink can cause a temporary dereliction of duty where sexual function is concerned. However, young men who experience frequent difficulties in this branch may need to consider talking to their doctors about penis care for erectile dysfunction.

What causes ED in young men?
In older men, loss of function hawthorn occur as testosterone levels decrease, the circulation becomes compromised by essence disease or smoking, or a band of midlife fat settles in almost the waistline. Men in their 50s and 60s typically encounter at least the occasional problem with loving function.

In young men, these issues are less common; however, medical conditions such as congenital heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, or reduced testosterone levels can similarly guide to loss of function. In addition, men concerning any age who are overweight, consume a poor diet, and/or have a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to have difficulties rising to the occasion. Furthermore, men who have hardships with substance vilification or alcohol may develop erectile issues at any age. Variegated medications may also have an untoward effect on erectile ability.

Beyond the more obvious physical salubrious concerns, mentality often comes into play in matters of sexual function. Men who are under a great negotiate of stress, oppositely those who have difficulties with basin or anxiety, may also become difficulties in the bedroom. Performance anxiety, partner conflict, and guilt associated plus a strict upbringing can also lead to problems in this area.

Treating ED
Successful treatment of erectile issues depends on the underlying cause. Treating conditions like heart disease or diabetes is certainly necessary; and men who are overweight and unhealthy will need to take a look at their lifestyle and make some positive changes. Avoiding recreational substances, quitting smoking and limiting one’s intake of alcohol can also have a beneficial effect.

When it comes to the psychology of erections, treatment jug get better tricky, as worrying about the issue can create a cyclical problem. However, avoiding excessive stress and getting help for circumstances like anxiety and depression can be enormously helpful.

Making positive lifestyle changes like exercising, losing weight, and paying attention to one’s appearance and grooming can be helpful in boosting confidence levels, which play a big part in a man’s ability to function well.

Caring for the equipment
Even when there is nothing physically wrong with the penis, taking extra care can help men to look and feel their best, giving their trust (and their package) a lift. Men who feel good as regards the condition of their penis are less prone to feel anxious and uneasy – problems which can often lead to performance issues.

It goes without saying that the penis should be kept clean. Washing with warm water and a mild cleanser is the rudiment step. The penis should be allowed to dry thoroughly – especially under the foreskin, for uncircumcised men – to decrease the chances of developing a bacterial or fungal infectious that receptacle wreak havoc on the penile skin.

After cleansing, applying a high-quality penis vitamin cream (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can benefit the penis by moisturizing the skin; smoothing dry, roughened skin; boosting resistance to infections; and decreasing unpleasant odors. A cream containing penis-specific ingredients should be applied emend after cleansing, although the skin is most absorbent. Adding this step to the daily personal care routine can help keep the penis smooth, resilient, et al responsive to the touch.